Technical Program Interests

Directly following the two-day IoT Summit, the IEEE ISIE-2016 conference will continue the dialogue and bring research and industry leaders together for practical, open exchanges on edge-leading technologies that drive forward the Internet of Things. Researchers who wish to participate are encouraged to contribute works that address the theme Challenges of the IoT. In this spirit, ISIE-2016 technical program includes, but is not limited to, the following interests of the Industrial Electronics Society’s many technical committees:

Advanced in Power Electronics Converters for Smart Grid Applications (Special Session – click here for full details)

  1. Smart grid control and management
  2. Impact of power electronics on grid stability
  3. Advanced and coordinate control of FACTS, HVDC or STATCOM
  4. Power electronics converter with special functionalities
  5. Bidirectional capability of power converter stages
  6. Topological study of DC or AC interfacing power stages
  7. Technical issues of power electronics for Smart Grids

Automation, Communication & Informatics

  1. Cloud and Wireless Systems for Industrial IoT Applications
  2. Industrial IoT Applications for Smart Cities
  3. Industrial cyber physical systems
  4. Factory Automation, Networking and Informatics

Big Data and Cloud System Processing for Wearable Applications (Special Session – click here for full details)

  1. Efficient searching algorithms for big data systems
  2. Data compression for big data systems
  3. Effective algorithms for parallel computing in cloud systems
  4. Security for cloud systems
  5. Wearable applications such as blood glucose monitoring, respiratory system monitoring and electrocardiogram acquisition

Building Automation, Control, and Management

  1. Building Automation Challenges
  2. Buildings in the Smart Grid
  3. IoT in buildings

Data-Driven Control and Monitoring

  1. Fault diagnosis and process monitoring
  2. Soft computing and machine learning
  3. Nonlinear control and prognosis
  4. Data based control and monitoring for industrial cyber physical systems

Distributed Machine Vision Systems (Special Session – click here for full details)

  1. Machine teleoperation
  2. Computer vision processing in the cloud
  3. Cooperative vision systems
  4. Scanners remote connectivity
  5. Multi-view stereo vision systems
  6. Data exchange in a harm of robots
  7. Data exchange in monitoring systems
  8. Vision-based target detection and tracking

Edge-leading Solutions for Smart Cities (Special Session – click here for full details)

  1. Intelligent infrastructures, Sensors and Actuators
  2. Open data and big data analytics
  3. Safety and security systems
  4. Smart healthcare and emergency management
  5. Smart mobility, transportation, and mobility systems
  6. Internet of Things (IoT) and smart cities
  7. Intelligent vehicle-to-infrastructure integration
  8. Smart grid and storage systems in urban settings
  9. Smart buildings
  10. Environmental monitoring technologies

Electrical Machines and Drives

  1. Classical rotating field machines
  2. Innovative machines & actuators
  3. Electrical drives
  4. Design & related problems
  5. Condition monitoring, diagnosis and testing

Electronic Systems on Chip

  1. FPGA-based Real-time Simulation and Hardware-in-the-loop Platforms
  2. FPGA-based Implementation of Control Systems for Power Electronic & Drive Applications
  3. System-on-Chip (SoC) & FPGA-based embedded system design and applications

Energy Storage

  1. Characterization and modeling of energy storage devices
  2. State-of-Charge and State-of-Health estimation of rechargeable batteries
  3. Battery fast and wireless charging
  4. Control and applications of hybrid, reconfigurable, and multi-functional energy storage system

Haptics and Force Control Based on Advanced Sensors and Actuators (Special Session – click here for full details)

  1. Advanced Force Control and Acceleration Control
  2. Real-World Haptics
  3. Bilateral / Multilateral Control
  4. Human-Robot Interaction and Teleoperation
  5. Acquisition and Recognition of Human and Environment
  6. Tactile / Force Sensing and Control
  7. Power Assist and Human Support

Health Monitoring and Management for Modern Smart Manufacturing Systems (Special Session – click here for full details)

  1. Novel model-based fault detection, isolation, and diagnosis methods
  2. Data driven-based fault detection, isolation, and diagnosis design
  3. Advanced approaches for health monitoring and management
  4. Emerging monitoring and fault diagnosis techniques
  5. Advanced fault control and reliable control design
  6. System uncertainties and external disturbances attenuation control
  7. Real-time implementation of monitoring and diagnosis in practical applications

Human Factors

  1. Human Supportive Technology for Seamless Interaction between Systems and Users
  2. New Issues on Human Factors based on Computer Vision

Industrial Cyber-physical Systems (ICPS)

  1. ICPS architectures and standards
  2. Connectivity and interoperability issues in ICPS
  3. Engineering methods and tools for ICPS
  4. ICPS applications
  5. Internet of Cyber-physical things
  6. Service-oriented and cloud-based ICPS

Mechatronics and Robotics

  1. Industrial robotics
  2. Mobile robots
  3. Control of robots and electro-mechanical systems
  4. Telemanipulation systems

Micro- and Nano-electromechanical Systems for the “Internet of Things” 

  1. TBD

Motion Control for Mechatronic Systems (Special Session – click here for full details)

  1. Innovative control strategies in advanced motion control
  2. High precision positioning techniques in industrial mechatronics systems
  3. Nanoscale servo systems in industrial applications
  4. Automotive motion control including electric and hybrid vehicles
  5. Motion control for human-friendly systems
  6. Motion control based on biomechanics

Power Electronics

  1. Power electronics

Recent Development on Photovoltaic Energy Systems (Special Session – click here for full details)

  1. Power converter topologies and system configurations
  2. PV system configurations and topologies for future DC distribution networks
  3. Modeling of PV systems and components
  4. Control and modulation of grid-connected PV inverters
  5. High-performance tracking methods
  6. Higher PV capacity penetration
  7. Control of grid-tied PV converters
  8. Efficiency, grid code compliance, reliability and power quality
  9. Technical issues of PV systems

Renewable Energy

  1. Renewable Energy Systems
  2. Renewable Energy-Based Microgrids for Remote Communities

Resilience and Security for Industrial Applications

  1. Computer Vision and Image Processing for increased Resilience
  2. Resilience Models and Measures
  3. Mixed Human-Automation Resilience
  4. Asymmetry in Cyber Resilience
  5. Industrial Control System Security and Resilience
  6. Resilience in Energy Infrastructure Systems
  7. Quantification of positive and negative effects of resilience in industrial systems
  8. Distributed Control Paradigms to Enable Resilient Microgrids

RF/Microwave/Millimeter Wave Communications for Industrial IoT (Special Session – click here for full details)

  1. Channel modeling and radio propagation characteristics
  2. Impacts of deployment environments on wireless signaling
  3. Design for wireless protocols
  4. Platforms for industrial wireless communications
  5. Multiple protocol stacks and RESTful semantics for system integration
  6. Use cases and requirements of wireless
  7. Emerging standards and initiatives
  8. Prototyping and field trials

Semantic Technologies in Automation (Special Session – click here for full details)

  1. Semantic Models for Devices Level Interoperability and System Specification
  2. Semantic Approaches for Automating Automation in System Design and Operation
  3. Semantic Industrial Data Processing Architecture
  4. Semantic Sensor Networks
  5. Standardization of Semantic Technologies in Industry
  6. Context-aware Systems and Applications
  7. Artificial Intelligence and Reasoning Approaches in Industrial Environments
  8. Semantic Applications in Automation

Sensors and Actuators

  1. Sensors
  2. Actuators
  3. Haptics
  4. Applications to Medicine and Rehabilitation
  5. Motor drive based actuators
  6. Advanced sensing structures and actuation systems

Smart Grids

  1. Complex network modeling of smart grid
  2. Human behavior and energy system co-simulation
  3. Smart Grid modeling and simulation
  4. Validation and testing of smart grid systems and components (incl. real-time simulation, hardware-in-the-loop testing)
  5. Information, communication and automaton technologies for cyber-physical energy systems
  6. Demand Response Methods in Smart Grids
  7. Smart Grid Cyber-Physical Security
  8. Cooperative Control of Distributed Generation


  1. Towards Industrial Standards – Harmonization Procedures and Standardization Activities

Transportation Electrification

  1. Electric vehicle (EV) energy storage systems
  2. Wireless power transfer for EVs
  3. Hybrid/plug-in hybrid EVs
  4. Fuel cell vehicles
  5. EV/grid charging infrastructures
  6. EV machines and motor drives

Trends in Engineering Education

  1. Trends on education for industrial informatics
  2. Trends on education for industrial electronics
  3. ICT tools for Education in Engineering and Industrial Technologies

Wireless Sensor Networks: Hardware/Software Design Aspects for Industry (Special Session – click here for full details)

  1. Industrial wireless sensor platform design
  2. Low-level design challenges in industrial environments
  3. WSN hardware/software standards
  4. Hardware designs/software for data acquisition/storage/visualization
  5. Communication Technologies: Wireless HART, ZigBee /802.15.4, IEEE 1451, 6LoWPAN, IPv4, IPv6, and BLE
  6. Communication issues in industrial environments
  7. WSN cloud computing and distributed control algorithms
  8. Practical deployment and prototype systems for experimental, proof of concept and field trials

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